ISBN-10: 1496071697
ISBN-13: 978-1496071699
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Communion: Cultivating Constant Connection with the Divine is an in-depth exploration of this key spiritual practice. Written from an interfaith perspective, this book looks at our need for connection and what gets in the way of achieving it, the process for establishing Communion as a practice, ways we flee from our Sacred Self and how to return, and how to incorporate Communion into our daily routine.

When the Divine is within, we are never far away from its comfort and wisdom. When God is outside of us then we will never catch up to its shadow. Just like the moon is always hovering over the next hill, a God that must be chased is a God you will never catch. So stop running. Sit down. Turn within and cultivate a real relationship with the Source of your life right where you are – wherever you happen to be.