surrender and peace

Surrender is the foundation of peace. Surrender lets go of the strings we’ve placed on how life has to show up for us to be happy. Not that it ever does for more than a second. Strings have a way of shifting and changing, making peace impossible.

Unfortunately, surrender is treated like a four-letter word. It’s associated with battles and war and submission. It dredges up:

  • Feelings of failure. Why bother?
  • The ashes of confrontation. You win/I lose.
  • I don’t care. *sigh* Whatever.
  • The little white flag. I give up.

Granted, we generally don’t try surrender until we’ve tried everything else. Our egos don’t trust the Divine and feel they must control absolutely everything for life to turn out the way their stories say they must. I must get that promotion. I must get that man or woman. I must… The list of musts goes on and on and the striving for all those “musts” destroys our peace.

Surrender is not an easy thing to do but it’s the compliment of forgiveness. Forgiveness releases the past and surrender frees the future. Surrender is worth doing because it gets your consciousness into the present moment. And the present moment is where the magic is. “Now” is your point of power. “Now” is where you access the deep well of love, peace, joy and compassion that is your birthright. But you have to be in the present moment to access it.

Surrender lets go of our conditions. I’ll be happen when…I’m thin…I’m rich….I’m married…I’m divorced…I have that perfect job. The list goes on and on and the minute one condition is satisfied another rises up to take its place. It’s the hydra of our spiritual life.

The Buddha said that, yes, there is pain in life that becomes suffering when we believe the pain shouldn’t be there. We cling to what we want and push away what we don’t want. As long as we’re addicted to our version of reality, we’re going to suffer. If we let go of this highly reactive state, then we can be free. The good news is it’s possible to be free. But you have to be willing to do the work. Forgive. Surrender. Let go and allow life to unfold.

Then, you find peace. How do I do that? you ask? Here are a couple tips for surrendering are the 4 R’s:

  • Realize that surrender is safe. You are an eternal being of light and love that was never born and will never die. Even laying this body down and moving onto the next expression of life isn’t going to harm you.
  • Remember that holding on is not safe. When you are clinging to the past or leaning into the future, you’re not paying attention to the present moment. Not only are you missing the opportunities only available to you now, you are missing the real issues you need to address now.
  • Recognize how it feels for you to be centered and off-center. When I’m centered I feel brilliant, clear and joyful. When I’m off-center, I feel drifty, dissociated and disoriented – and a bit anxious. How this feels for you is going to be different. Recognize it and respond accordingly.
  • Return to your breathing. Your breath is the most humble and most humble of all your power tools. It is a cue to your body, an anchor for your emotions, a stabilizer for your thoughts and a wave for your soul. Even if you’re like me and your breath is an issue (I have asthma – go figure.) it’s still a touch point of your life. When in doubt, find it.

Surrender is like any practice. It sounds good and you give it a good 'try,' but you soon drift off into other things. You "forget" or dismiss it as ineffective because it didn't work in the 15 minutes to gave it a shot. Like prayer or meditation, you need to return again and again - but the payoff is immense. Through surrender you find peace and through peace you are available to handle life as it arises. Outer peace is a result of inner peace applied to life. So, in one of those paradoxes of life, it is through surrender that you win. It is through letting go that you receive everything you need - and usually more.

4 March 2014

With Blessings - Reverend Shari.