on being a spiritual warrior

What does it mean to be a spiritual warrior? Spiritual warriors are spiritually resilient, holding onto their faith in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

Evidence is a tricky thing since it relies on our ability to perceive it. Our perceptions are highly subjective, colored by our expectations and limited by our vibration. We are energy beings and our vibrations dictate how much of the field of grace we can take in at any one time.

I’ve learned that the evidence of grace is always there but I might not be able to see it because of where I am. When I’m in pain or feeling tired, it’s hard to maintain a high enough vibration to perceive the Divine.

Spiritual Warriors know that fortunes ebb and flow, fame and infamy are fickle and sometimes we have to carry on in mental and emotion darkness with the true and certain knowledge the light is there – tickling at the edges, around the next bend, waiting for us to see that it’s always been there.

  • Make space in your life for a spiritual practice. Meditation. Prayer. Communion. Service. It doesn’t matter what you do – it only matters that you find something that you will do. You may have to try a couple different things or study with a couple different teachers before you find something that speaks to you. But when you do find your practice, do it. Make it a natural part of your day. Why? Because when times get hard you will have a rock to stand upon. Spirit can comfort you much more effectively if you’ve built that conduit and made it strong.
  • Build a treasure house of spiritual experiences. Have those experiences written down, documented, and shared. When your vibration drops and all you can see is darkness and grief, these memories will remind you miracles and grace and love are real. They are still real, even if you can’t quite see it now.
  • Use Thank You and Bless You liberally. Moving through your life as an open conduit of unconditional appreciation and love raises your vibration. If you can make it a habit, as natural as breathing or brushing your teeth, then your vibration is always going to be as high as it can be. Even if you’re exhausted, your vibration will be higher than it would have been if you didn’t have the ‘grace and glory’ habit down pat. And, according to the Law of Circulation, if you are sending out Thank You and Bless You, your life will bloom with things to be grateful and loving for.
  • Travel lightly through time. Forgiveness and acceptance have been key spiritual habits throughout all religions for all time for an excellent reason. The double-gotchas of “if only…” and “what if?” are only cured by letting go of the past and releasing the future. Spiritual warriors travel lightly through time because they hold the past and the future lightly. This leaves room in their minds and hearts to focus on the here-and-now.

In fact, the resources available to Spiritual Warriors are there because they make room for them – room for practice, room for miracles, room for love and room in time. All this room can then be filled with the gifts of the Divine. And that room remains regardless of where we are – up, down, sideways or spinning in circles.

Spiritual warriors are battling the natural human tendency to clutter our mind and hearts with stuff that doesn’t matter like resentments and anxiety. They are battling to remain present to the world in front of them as it is (and as it is not) and love other beings just as they are (and as they are not.)

It’s a worthwhile battle, I think, and a worthy way to live a life.

27 April 2014

With Blessings - Reverend Shari.