How About A Spring Cleanse?

Spring cleaning is one of my favorite rituals of the year. Winters are harsh in Wisconsin. It's not uncommon to close the windows in October and not open them again until April. The house air gets stale, especially since my house has radiators I don't even get the benefit of forced air heat moving things around. So when I open the windows in April my soul leaps! My house is small so it only takes a couple of hours to really clean the dust and grime accumulated over the winter but when I'm done I love my space all over again.

Does My Energy Get Dirty?

This year I was reminded how my energy field needs a bit of cleansing, as well. We are energy beings that have collected a bundle of matter around us like hermit crabs collecting an empty shell. We call this our body and often identify it as our only self. When we are done with this life, we release the matter and move on to our next expression of life. However, the real core of ourselves is pure energy, with certain properties associated with waves, such as vibration/frequency, amplitude, and purity.
  • Frequency is how quickly our energy is moving. As a wave front, we have a signature frequency than can be elevated or depressed. Higher emotional states, such as hope and joy, correspond to higher vibrations. Lower emotional states, such as grief and rage, correspond to lower vibrations.
  • Amplitude has to do with strength or passion. You can be loud or soft in your energy. We often call low energy states tired or depressed. When we don't replenish our energy through sleep, play, relationships, communion or exercise we drag.
  • Purity is the clarity of your personal note. Unfortunately, purity is more often defined by what disturbs it. Negative thinking disturbs your  energy field, creating dissonance. Just like a whacking two tuning forks together creates discord, so too does judgment, resentment, anxiety, despair, and yearning create dissonance in your energy field.
We often collectively call the quality of our energy field our vibration. The concept has made its way into our collective consciousness recently. However, we often speak about it with a certain sense of fatalism. The truth is we have a great deal of control over our vibration.

My Favorite Cleansing Practice

Historically, cleansing was very important and often linked with cleaning the body before entering the temple or getting married. Baptism is the practice of cleansing a newborn of original sin. Smudging is a common practice in spiritual circles of cleansing the aura through burning sage. Clapping energy out of corners unclogs the energy in your house. My favorite Spring Cleanse is a meditation (of course!)

You can do this anytime, anywhere. It can take an hour or 5 minutes. As with all practices the first couple of times you do it, you will need to focus and go step by step with very soon it will become a simple fluid movement of connecting with your core, expanding to the edges of your personal space and then resting back into your core.

  1. Find a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed for 15 minutes.
  2. Focus your mind on your breathing.
  3. Turn your attention to your Sacred Core, which is the pillar of energy that runs from your tail to the tip of your head. Eastern practices call it Sushumna and the chakras are but energy centers within the pillar.
  4. Imagine it as a solid glowing energy pillar. Allow this energy to radiate out slowly and gently.
  5. Imagine it nourishing your bones, blood, muscle, nerves and lymph. Imagine each organ being caressed in Divine Love.
  6. Take your time and allow your attention to flow the entire length of your body. - If you encounter any stuck energy gently nudge your core Divine Light through. - If you encounter any resistance, send love. - If you encounter any coldness, allow your light to warm it up.  - If you find any energy stuck to you that doesn't belong to you send it along its way gently and with love, blessings and healings. 
  7. Don't stretch or force. Don't get angry at anything. This is a non-violent process of realigning any energy you find back with your inner source energy.
  8. Continue radiating this loving energy until it expands a foot or two outside your skin in all directions.
  9. When you're done, allow the energy to settle back into the core. But know that it is available at any time for cleansing and revitalizing.

Remember, this inner light is inexhaustible, inextinguishable and always at your disposal. This practice is excellent for cleansing but it's also wonderful for nourishing your cells or picking up your vibration in general. Not get enough sleep? Draw in some Divine energy. Feeling kind of depressed after that horrible meeting, shake off the crispy edges with a boost of love.

15 May 2014

With Blessings - Reverend Shari.