Over the years I have written quite a bit. Here are some of my personal favorites.

Great Loop of the Divine

The spiritual process is one of going out and returning, again and again. It can be small, as with prayers, or large as in the evolution of your soul.

Dogma Fails You in the End

There's an old tale of folks confusing the finger for the moon. They believe the sacred texts or the personal narratives of wise souls is the point instead of looking to what these people said about the Sacred. The truth of all sacred experience lies in the person having the experience.

An Invitation to Soul

You have the choice to chose your ego-mind or your soul. It is worth the effort to chose again.

Spring Cleanse

Spring cleaning is one of my favorite rituals of the year. It gets rid of the cobwebs and stale energy of the winter and opens us up to the new season.

Surrender and Peace

Although surrender is considered by many to be a four-letter word of sorts, it's actually the gateway to inner peace.

On Being a Spiritual Warrior

Spiritual warriors are spiritually resilient, holding onto their faith in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Learn to cultivate your warrior skills through key practices.

When the Student Is Ready...

I had guru envy for the longest time, thinking that a teacher would take the form of a single person. It dawned on me that I had had dozens of teachers over the years who'd made major contributions to my spiritual growth.

Prayers & Evidence

But when a prayer didn't work the way I wanted it to, I’m frustrated. I feel like I failed. I wonder why God isn't listening to me. Then I remember – there are rules around prayers we want to have an outcome.

Open to the Field of Grace

Vulnerability is critical to continued spiritual growth. When you're opening yourself to Source, it can feel a lot like letting go of control. But that's okay - as long as you remember a few things.


This is the essay that started it all.

A Heart Centered Belief

One of my favorite quotes is from Anne Frank. I read the quote and built a fair amount of my graduate work around it.

Awakened Awareness

This essay is replicated in Deep Grace. However, it reveals a great deal of my personal philosophy and practice.

The Lord's Prayer

This essay discusses an understanding of the Lord's Prayer I garnered from my grandmother's funeral.