I am Rev. Shari Falter, MA, MEd, a writer, teacher, healer and workshop facilitator. I have been fortunate to speak to large and small groups on prayer, meditation and spiritual development. Drawing upon my background in storytelling and education, my events are dynamic experiences for the participants.

I am also is founder of Emerging Spirit, an independent New Thought ministry and regularly offer workshops in the upper Midwest where I live.

Popular workshops include Energetics: The Art & Science of Soulwork and A Deep and Visceral Grace and the ongoing group, MVP: Meditation, Visioning and Prayer.


A coach is somebody who helps you organize your thoughts and develop a plan of action to make those thoughts manifest more clearly in your life.

Coaches are different than therapists in that they're less interested in why you do something than helping you see clearly how that something is impacting your current life - and what are you going to do about it.

Coaching is different than teaching in the belief that I do not have the answers to your life - you do. I do use a number of education tools - not to "teach" per se but more to open our eyes to the dreams attempting to express themselves through you right here and right now.

A Spiritual Life Coach is a bit different that other life coaches in that I believe your crisis - whatever it may be is going to have a strong spiritual component.


  • Currently working on Interfaith Ministry Ordination through Emerson Institute.
  • M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, 2006, AIU
  • M.A. in Expressive Therapy, 1995, Lesley University